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What it’s Like to Teach at an Eikaiwa

Teaching was always something that I had wanted to try out and so when the opportunity presented itself in the form of a TEFL qualification and the ability to travel to another country, I jumped at the chance. The demo

Tokyo Travels

Tokyo Travels

Articles , Blog , Japan Aug 20, 2014

After nearly three months in Japan, I finally got to go to Tokyo this past week and it surpassed every expectation that I had of it! On Wednesday I had a staff meeting over in Sendai and so with the

Getting Settled In Japan

As of today I’ve been in Japan for 6 weeks and my actual apartment for 3 of those weeks. I began by training in Nagoya, which is one of the largest cities in Japan, located a little south of the

My First Few Days In Japan

At the time of writing I have been in Japan for about 4 days and I figured I’d write about my initial experience here as I have no internet in my apartment and I’m trying to take things easy this

Arrested Development – Season 4 Review

Cancelled for 7 years, Arrested Development finally returned to Netflix for its fourth season last Sunday, a day that fans feared would never truly come. We had been promised the return of the Bluths in the form of a movie

Why Happy Endings Deserves To Stay On The Air

I remember when I first heard about Happy Endings. It was about to start mid-season so I wasn’t expecting anything great, but the cast was somewhat decent. I remember thinking: “I loved Elize Coupe in Scrubs, I always thought Casey

Television Is The New Film
The 50 Greatest Television Shows of All Time
Website Review – Bait Blog

Bait Blog is the creation of comedian/writer Mikey Bharj and developer/programmer Thom Knee. It is a brand new comedy website that lists pictures and videos of “bait” people. For those who might not understand the word, “bait” is a slang

Television Shows Canceled Too Soon:  #1 – Arrested Development