How I Met Your Mother – Season 8, Episode 2: The Pre-Nup

How I Met Your Mother, Season 8, Episode 2, “The Pre-Nup”
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Forgive me for going off on a bit of a tangent before getting to my review but believe me it has a purpose.

There is a common theme of shows that have outlived their sell by date lately and while that is nothing new, it’s sad to see with shows that I once loved. Just last Thursday I wrote about how The Office had continued for about two seasons too long and now we are finding the same thing with How I Met Your Mother.

This was a show that began with a great premise and showed an incredible amount of potential. As someone who is, albeit somewhat unfairly, against television shows with a laugh track currently on television, How I Met Your Mother did something that changed my view of them, it made its show very funny, smart and full of interesting stories.

As the seasons have progressed the show has declined and what we are left with is an audience that is desperate to find out who the mother is and while some argue that the show has transcended that plot, it is the key to the end of the show and so it is something that needs to happen soon.

Last week we were given a taste of what was to come. Finally we saw the exact moment in which we would meet her, but still we are none the wiser as to who she is. The creators have all but stated that we will meet her in the final moments of this season and as somebody who has been watching for 8 seasons, that is not something I want. Should the show end after this season as they intend, it is simply not good enough to close the show with Ted meeting his future wife. Where will we be shown them falling in love? In a final montage or worse yet dragged out for next season should they choose to come back? That is not something that should happen. We are already near the end of the story, it is one that could be reached in maybe 3 episodes at most. Instead they are going to drag it out for 22.

That brings me to this episode which I found to be one of the most disappointing in the whole series, barring the final few minutes. Barney and Quinn argued the entire episode about a pre-nup, which caused them to break up but let’s be honest here, they were both looking for a reason not to go through with the wedding and this just allowed them to vent their issues. It was obvious from the very start when Ted mentioned that one of the 3 couples, those being Barney-Quinn, Ted-Victoria and Robin-Nick, would be breaking up by the end of the episode in the first of 3 fall breakups. We all could see it coming despite them trying to make it seem like it would be Robin and Nick.

Essentially that was the entire episode, except for an incredibly stupid plot in which Victoria’s ex fiance Klaus moved in with Ted and Victoria because they both felt bad for him. So we are suddenly supposed to believe that this is only a little weird and not completely psycho for all three of them to behave this way.

If we are left with a slow retelling throughout this season of the journey to Barney and Robin’s wedding then I for one will be extremely disappointed at the writers. It’s incredibly lazy and insulting to the fans who have stuck with the show for so long. We deserve the story of Ted falling in love with his future wife, not next season but now.

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