The Office – Season 9, Episode 2: Roy’s Wedding

The Office, Season 9, Episode 2, “Roy’s Wedding”
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On the flip-side to my review of this weeks Parks and Recreation comes The Office. A show that was once truly great but over time has become a show that should have ended 2 seasons ago minimum. However NBC have brought the show back for one more season as they attempt to flog a dead horse to us for as long as humanly possible.

The introduction of two new characters last week was annoying enough when they began calling them the new Jim and Dwight but now these characters seem to have taken on a life of their own thank goodness, it’s just a shame that they aren’t very interesting or believable. Pete is fine as a bumbling good guy who doesn’t quite know his place yet, but Clarke is creepy and weird and not in a funny way. My problem is that they are two new characters who are getting fairly prominent storylines but as it’s the last season why are we supposed to care about them?

Don’t even get me started on Nellie. A character that should have left at the end of last season who is now just hanging around with not a lot to do and so they give her ridiculous plots involving Dwight attempting to chop her hand off after deciding that he would be bound by Taliban law.

Speaking of Dwight, what in the hell has he become? He is a parody of himself now and does not react at all as he would have in seasons past. Sure he was eccentric but never mentally unstable. Last week he attempt to ride a bike across to buildings on a wire and this week he is considering slicing someones hand off. It’s just too far. This is supposed to be the guy that we see in a spinoff.

Meanwhile Jim and Pam attend Roy’s wedding for no real reason. Why he would invite his ex and her husband is beyond me but they use the lame excuse that he did so because he is eternally grateful to them because he never would have met his wife without them. Also he is now filthy rich after starting a gravel company and is now in a healthy relationship, apparently completely changing as a person from who he once was.

Of course this whole exchange was put in as a way of showing us how Jim sees his life could now go since partnering with his friend for the sports company. Will it go that way? Who knows honestly. I really do hope he is a success because Jim and Pam are the heart of the show and what made it great at one time. Unfortunately they are making it seem as though their relationship may suffer as a result of his secrecy surrounding his partnering as he still hasn’t told her.

If Jim and Pam were to split up after everything they have gone through on the show, it would completely destroy any enjoyment for me. I highly doubt they will but the way this is going who knows what they will do.

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  • Clarke made me want to turn the episode off. 

    • yianniscove

      Me too. It’s a shame because I usually like him in other things but here he just isn’t funny and is creepy for no real reason. 

  • Totally agree on the new characters. I know you’re supposed to hate Nelly, but for her character more than the fact that she is a character. Why is she staying?? Augh.

    • yianniscove

      As a Brit I had to put up with her awful show full of catchphrase comedy on television over here for years, so I instantly knew she would be annoying on the show. Now they are slowly trying to make her more compassionate from the looks of things but it just won’t work.

  • WadeWWilson87


    I was really surprised to see The Office expand to two new characters in its last season, but
    they have plenty of time to help boost the show into a strong ending. A friend that
    works with me at DISH thought that Roy’s
    wedding was created to stir up more tension with Jim and Pam. Maybe Daniels
    doesn’t have the fairytale ending booked for the show’s main love story. I’ll
    be saving the entire season to my Hopper, because it has a lot of memory, and I’m
    sure that I’ll feel nostalgic at some point. Even though the show has become
    less than what a fan wants to see, it still has its great moments; especially with
    Creed and Dwight antics still going.